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Remove everything from the TPP that promotes income inequality and promotes obscene advantages to multi-nationals 1

In my previous post Obama’s Aversion to Income Inequality Doesn’t Extend to TPP, I suggested that we tell President Obama what we think of the TPP.

At Whitehouse.gov I have created the following petition Remove everything from the TPP that promotes income inequality and promotes obscene advantages to multi-nationals. Click on the previous link or this one to sign the petition.

President Obama is promoting The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a trade agreement. It has little to do with fair trade, but it has a lot to do with giving huge powers to multi-national companies to overturn any of our laws and regulations that they do not like.

If it weren’t for leaks from whistle-blowers we wouldn’t have any idea what the administration is insisting on putting into this agreement.

If President Obama didn’t already know the American public is dead set against these proposals, he wouldn’t be putting so much effort into keeping it secret.

This may be the last straw for many supporters of President Obama.

If we can just get 100,000 signatures by March 2, 2014 on this petition, he might listen.  To get those signatures, I will need your help to get the word out.

There is a short URL http://wh.gov/lRbAR and a long URL https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-everything-tpp-promotes-income-inequality-and-promotes-obscene-advantages-multi-nationals/CpVfKtPq that will get you to the petition.  Pass along either of these URLs (links) when you tell your contacts about the petition.

If you need any help in signing the petition, see my previous post How To Sign a whitehouse.gov Petition.  Please let me know if you have any trouble signing the petition.

Obama’s Aversion to Income Inequality Doesn’t Extend to TPP

Truth Out has the article Obama’s Aversion to Income Inequality Doesn’t Extend to TPP .

In his State of the Union address, President Obama touted his dedication to fight income inequality, yet his administration is working to fast-track a trade agreement predicted to cut pay for 90 percent of American workers.

This article gives more details to explain my remark in my previous post Mirabile Dictu! Reid Tells Off Obama on Fast Track, Killing Toxic Trade Deals for 2014. What I said in that post is:

When I heard this part of the SOTU address, I almost threw-up.

Not that those words need immortalization.  I just wonder what motivates some of the things that Obama does.  The Democrats generally don’t like TPP.  The trading partners don’t generally like what the USA is pushing in the TPP.  The US citizens whose pay will be cut don’t like the TPP. The only people who seem to like the TPP are some Republicans, the huge multi-national companies, and President Obama. Which side is he really on?

Do you suppose Obama would change his mind if we all let him know that this is the last straw?

Is There No End?

The Daily Kos has this under the title Hungry Mungry.  Apparently the cartoon comes from Politico, but I cannot find it there.

Still Not Enough Cartoon

Sometimes you wonder if there will ever be a limit for how much the 1% want to hoard. Of course, that previous statement falls under the umbrella of the fallacy of composition. The behavior of individuals in the top 1% may make sense to each one of them. The problem is when you aggregate the behavior of all these that it causes a societal problem. If one person in the class of the 1% stopped the behavior it wouldn’t make much difference. That is why there needs to be a systemic solution to get the majority of the 1% to change their behavior.

Pete Seeger: a Dissenting View

CounterPunch has the article Pete Seeger: a Dissenting View.

Following the August 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact, the Communist Party strongly opposed the “imperialist war,” and Pete Seeger and the Almanac Singers made some great antiwar songs which were published in an album called “Songs for John Doe”
After the Nazis invaded Russia, the Party line changed and the Almanac Singers began beating the drums for war: “Did you have a friend on the good Reuben James?” When the U.S. entered the War they became patriots: “It’s gonna take everybody to win this war.” “Me and the landlord may not agree, but when a burglar breaks in you quit fighting with the landlord and throw him out. “ (Some missing words here, but the point is clear.

I bring this to your attention in the spirit of being fair and balanced, although I never promised that in the Introduction to this blog.

I make no pretense about balance on this blog. If you want balance, read another blog.

I am not averse to considering other points of view.  If you read the article, does this change your view of Pete Seeger?  Is there anything to be learned?

The rise and fall of Bitcoin mining

The Daily Dot has the article The rise and fall of Bitcoin mining.

Earlier this month, fans of Bitcoin – the world’s most popular digital currency—were caught in a whirl of panic as one group threatened to corner the market for new bitcoins.

Reader WayneP has been bugging me with the question  “Is Bitcoin foolproof?”  I brushed this question aside as irrelevant.  Well, with this article I am starting to see Wayne’s point.  The article does a nice job of putting the issue in context.  Further, it does explain some of the mystery that I felt about the issue of mining.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga.