Conference call with Senator Bernie Sanders on Social Security 1

Social Security Works has the audio of the Conference call with Senator Bernie Sanders on Social Security.

On the call, Nancy [Altman] and Senator Sanders were joined by several of our coalition partners as well as thousands of activists. They discussed where the fight currently stands to strengthen Social Security, how your activism is impacting the national discussion, and how we can continue to change the conversation in 2014.

With the president set to unveil his budget in less than a month, we must continue to stay engaged in this critical issue. Last year, the president included a Chained CPI in his budget, which would have meant severe cuts in Social Security had it been enacted.

In 2010 the Bowles-Simpson commission attempted cuts to earned benefits. In 2011 the Supercommittee did the same. Every year Social Security comes under fire, and every year we beat them back and win. With your help, we’ll do it again in 2014

There is probably no stronger Senator in this fight than Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. It is important to listen to him and to support his efforts by our actions. He understands that the money being spent to defeat us is enormous. He also understands that when we make our voices heard, we can overpower even this vast amount of money.

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