Denunciation Proclamation 1

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has the segment Denunciation Proclamation.

Andrew Napolitano questions the economic underpinnings of the Civil War and Lincoln’s legacy, but Larry Wilmore argues that tea isn’t the only black thing worth fighting for.

Maybe I am just dense, but I had to hear for a second time the part about “It’s immoral for the government to reach into your pocket and rip away your money from its warm home…”, to get the fabulous point that Wilmore was making.

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One thought on “Denunciation Proclamation

  • MardyS

    I saw the interview last evening (the Daily Show rebroadcast) and that guy Andrew Napolitano is sickening. He should be nowhere near the news media and to think that Faux News gives him airings. He’s a total fascist pig and arrogant slime!