Anne Gobi Running For State Senate

Anne Gobi is running to replace retiring State Senator Stephen Brewer.

You can follow (and like) her on Facebook.

I have met Anne Gobi at a number of political affairs in Sturbridge and Wales lately.  She is very energetic. She speaks very candidly about what she has done (voted for) and why.  I have agreed with most, if not all, of the positions she has taken.  Even if there were some position that she had taken with which I did not agree (I don’t have any in mind), I think I would get from her a very reasoned explanation of why she decided to do what she did.

As an example, I had disagreed with the position that Senator Brewer took on Governor Deval Patrick’s transportation bill.  Anne explained to me what were the problems with the bill as presented, and why she voted (as a State Representative) a lower amount of money than the Governor had asked.  She felt that some of the money would be wasted because it covered mostly road construction without considering repairing some aged sewers and pipes that are beneath the road.  If those items had to be fixed later, we would have to tear up the roads that had just been rebuilt to fix them.  A more balanced bill that fixed both roads and some infrastructure underneath them would have been wiser.

She also felt that the bill was not well balanced between the needs of the eastern part of the state and the central and western parts.

There were other reasons she didn’t support the bill, but the two I stated are the ones that resonated with me the most and that I wanted to mention here.  Overall, I thought she made some excellent points, and none of what she said was less than reasonable.

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