Venezuela protests: the other side of the story

The UK Guardian has the story Venezuela protests: the other side of the story.

We hear from Venezuelans who did not take part in the recent anti-government demonstrations for their take on what’s happening in the country

I don’t claim that this is any more an authoritative view of what is going on than the reports you hear in our press.

It is worthwhile to consider that the protests like the Arab Spring that toppled the dictatorial governments in the middle east can also be used to topple democratically elected governments.  The CIA has a long history of using these kinds of protests to topple governments in South America that we don’t like.

Read the comments in the article, and try to see the possibilities for truth and lies on any side of the discussion.  If that doesn’t boggle your mind, I don’t know what will.  I guess the only answer is to retreat to your preconceived notions whatever they may be.  I have already decided that mine must be right.

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