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Crimea result makes “a mockery” of democracy says Hague

The BBC has the story Crimea result makes “a mockery” of democracy says Hague.

The government says it rejects the result of Crimea’s referendum, which Foreign Secretary William Hague has denounced as a “mockery of proper democratic practice”.

A total of 95.5% of voters in Crimea supported joining Russia and leaving Ukraine, officials said.

Mr Hague said Russia must now face “economic and political consequences”.

A statement from Number 10 said that the UK did not “recognise” the referendum or its outcome.

There are similar stories coming from “Democracies” around the world including the USA.

To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  “This is a day that will live in irony.”  The gall of the Crimeans to undemocratically vote at over 95% to go with Russia.    They have not even satisfied our foreign definition of how they must implement their own democracy.  How undemocratic can that be?

Who is supposed to decide what is democratic in a democracy, the people involved, or some third party?

Yes, I know the situation may be somewhat more complex than that, but on the face of it, the world “democracies” seem to be somewhat idiotic to claim that the implementing the desires of an overwhelming majority expressed in a transparent ballot is undemocratic.  It was “transparent” in so far as the ballot boxes that I saw on TV were made out of transparently clear material as pointed out by the NBC reporter who showed the ballot box that was at the polling station where he filmed his report.

Remember that our Civil War was fought because the Southern action violated our Constitution, they shot first, and we decided that the rights of our citizens would be violated if we allowed it to go on.  We have no business telling other countries that they must abide by our rules that we use in our own country when their situation is so different from ours.  The boundaries we set up in our country were freely determined by us, as long as you discount the slaves and the native Americans (SARCASM, SARCASM).  There was no such self-determination in attaching the Crimea to the Ukraine.  Of course, I am not so sure that the Russians in Crimea got there by the free will of the people either.  That is reason in itself why we ought not be meddling in a situation so complex, that we do not even understand it the way the people who have to live with it do.

We might think that “we would never live with those conditions”, but it is not up to us to decide what conditions other people are willing to live with if they choose to do so.  We certainly don’t have the right to foment violence that kills those people because we don’t like the decision they made.

Computer Backwards Compatibility

Now that I have installed a variant of Linux on my old computer, I could handle the format of the file on this tape.

Tar Tape From 1983

The label says it is from 1983 and it is in TAR format.  This format is still a mainstay on Linux computers.  In this case, it is not a problem of software, but of hardware.  I wonder if there are still any mag tape readers for this kind of  tape. I also wonder if all the magnetized bits have faded into randomness.

If you are wondering who Elsie was, she was my μVax computer in my office at Digital Equipment Corporation.

7 Crazy (And Not So Crazy) Theories on What Happened to Flight 370

Alternet has the story 7 Crazy (And Not So Crazy) Theories on What Happened to Flight 370.

As part of the terrorist hijack theory, some reports have suggested that terrorists hijacked the 100-ton plane and have hidden it somewhere intact with all radio devices turned off to avoid detection. The fact that the cell phones of passengers have rung, according to relatives, has only added fuel to that rumor.

They came close to the most worrisome theory possible, but then veered away from it, perhaps because of lack of imagination.

The worst case sceharion that I can imagine seems to even have escaped the thinking of the CIA, at least from what the CIA has said publicly.

Here it is, and I am sure I can’t be the only one to think of this. The plane has been hijacked by terrorist.  They are now setting it up for a mission even more shocking than the World Trade Center crashes.

The people who flew the planes into the World Trade Center had to depend on the fuel that was loaded in the plane to cause the collapse of the buildings.  Think of what people could load onto a plane if they had unlimited time and complete control of the plane.

Can they be loading the plane with tons of high explosives or even a nuclear bomb?  What about germ warfare?

What are they doing with the hundreds of passengers?  Are they going to use them as hostages by putting them back on the plane when it takes off for its mission?

What action will be taken when the plane is found to be in the air again?  We could shoot it down  to prevent it from completing its mission.  After that, we might find that it was not on a deadly mission at all.

Has a movie like this already come out, or will it be in theaters in a month or two?