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How Sesame Street Ruined The English Language

I am finally taking to my blog to write about How Sesame Street Ruined The English Language.

My comment on the above YouTube video was

Me is very upset at how Cookie Monster has ruined the English language. Me used to be able to say sentences like this, and people would instantly see what is wrong with using “me” as the subject. Sesame Street has trained several generations to lose their ear for proper English. Me going to write a blog post about this.

Sesame Street was on what we used to laughingly call educational television. They very effectively used repetition to teach children. What were they thinking when they used repetition from Cookie Monster to teach improper English?

I can’t remember now if the usage of “me and another person” as subject in a sentence was also started by Sesame Street. Beyond screwing up the English language they also ruined the etiquette of how you put yourself and another person into the subject of a sentence.

Rather than this being a one man crusade, can I enlist others of you to join me in helping to stamp out this usage?

Me could try to do this alone, but, together, me and you will be more effective. – translation “I could try to do this alone, but, together, you and I will be more effective.”

Was Sesame Street an ill conceived attempt to undo the implicit racism exemplified by The Lone Ranger?

The “me” as a subject of a sentence used to be a way of showing how native Americans had an inferior understanding of English compared to the “white” man. Was Sesame Street trying to show that it was OK to be ignorant of English? What a backhanded way to make up for The Lone Ranger. Maybe it was a Native American writer on Sesame Street who was just trying to get even with the way that Hollywood portrayed Native Americans. Teach the invaders’ children to talk pidgin English like the invaders pretended that the Natives spoke.