Who Makes US Foreign Policy? – Lawrence Wilkerson On Reality Asserts Itself (1/3) 2

The Real News Network has published two of the three segments so far. The first segment is Who Makes US Foreign Policy? – Lawrence Wilkerson On Reality Asserts Itself (1/3).

WILKERSON: Well, here’s the real–this sometimes drives me, you know, to drink. When Jim Baker and George H. W. Bush really accomplished what I think was one of the real diplomatic feats of the end of the 20th century, the reunification of Germany, whether we agree with that or not, they did it, and they did it without a shot being fired. It was wonderful to watch H. W. Bush do that and Jim Baker. But one of the reasons they could do it was because they assured Gorbachev, and later Yeltsin, that NATO would be quiescent, it wouldn’t move, it wouldn’t threaten Russia. In fact, I was there when we told the Russians that we were going to make them a member, we were–observer first and then a member and so forth. Well, that fell apart on the fact that they perceive right quickly that we weren’t really serious. And then we start, under pressure from Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and others, to sell weapons to Poland and weapons to Georgia and weapons to Romania and everybody else we could bring into the fold. Under those pressures and others we started to expand NATO and stuck both our fingers in the Russian eye, so to speak, immediately.

It’s clear to me why Putin responded in Georgia and why he’s now responding to Crimea in Ukraine. This is what great powers do when they get concerned about their so-called near abroad. So we have as much fault here as anybody else in this situation, and I don’t think President Obama–I think he bought it when he came in. He did not realize–why should he? He didn’t have the experience in this regard. He didn’t realize what we we’re doing and what might come about from what we were doing, and he just went along with it.

The second segment is Who Makes US Foreign Policy – Lawrence Wilkerson On Reality Asserts Itself (2/3).

JAY: So if you look at Jeb Bush, who you would think is a far more–or whoever’s the American Republican nominee, but certainly Hillary, this rapprochement with Iran, the sort of strategic shift–’cause it is one.

WILKERSON: It would be.

JAY: It would be.

WILKERSON: A major one. Thirty years of animosity.

JAY: Is Hillary on that page? Is there–when you go back to this–.

WILKERSON: Not from what I’m hearing.

JAY: Yeah, because–.

WILKERSON: She’s scaring me.

JAY: Yeah. When you go back to that vote that took place back around 2007, 2008, the one where they were going to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, which is essentially saying the Iranian state is terrorist, but they want to try to find some way to do it that didn’t come out and say that, I mean, most of the leading Democrats voted against that motion, most of–all the better foreign policy minds, including President Obama. I mean, everyone was against that thing. And he wasn’t then president. But Hillary voted for it with the Republicans.

WILKERSON: She scares me. She frightens me. If it’s rhetoric, that’s one thing. If it’s heartfelt belief, that’s another. But even if it’s just rhetoric, to more or less court the conservatism of America, which all the pundits are always talking about, it still scares me, because you often get trapped by your rhetoric.

This is another thing that scares me about Hillary Clinton as President, too. This is just another aspect of what scares me about her on domestic policy. She is just a sympatico on the domestic front with the oligarchs running our government as she is on the foreign front with these same interests.

Unless someone from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic party runs for President, then I am not very optimistic about the race in 2016.

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2 thoughts on “Who Makes US Foreign Policy? – Lawrence Wilkerson On Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)

  • SteveG Post author

    Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich quickly come to mind. Hopefully there are others who could also take this on. I haven’t heard a peep from Al Franken on these topics, so I don’t know if he is less frightening than Hillary.

    It is up to us Progressives and Democrats to shout out loudly and frequently, that Hillary is very scary to us.

    If we don’t outshout the oligarchs now, then there is no chance that their preordained future can be forestalled. Think of it like the prisoners rattling their tin cups against the bars to get the attention of the warden. If he doesn’t know how upset we are, how is he going to do anything about it.

  • MardyS

    Interesting exchanges here. Thanks for this. Yes, it sounds like she needs to be dragged left, if possible which it’s probably not. But someone else better be talked up quick, from the Warren wing. But who?