Tilting Delaware bridge called a transportation ‘DEFCON-5’

The Los Angeles Times has the story Tilting Delaware bridge called a transportation ‘DEFCON-5’.

A major north-south highway through Wilmington, Del., connecting Philadelphia suburbs to Baltimore, has been indefinitely shut down because a tilting span of bridge could have fallen 50 feet under a full traffic load.
The state is hoping to tap federal emergency funds to cover the cost of the repair work, but money for crumbling infrastructure has itself been eroding. Sometime this summer, the federal government is expected to fall off a “highway cliff” as its pool of money for highway repair dries up.

That last link is to the story Standoff on U.S. roadway repairs becoming ‘highway cliff’.

Without quick action by Congress, the U.S. Transportation Department may begin scaling back or halting work on thousands of roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects at the height of the construction season this July, when the nation’s Highway Trust Fund is expected to run dry.

Remember when Elizabeth Warren was running of Senator, she remarked on the need for investing in the future of the country, including infrastructure?  I don’t think that even the voters took that issue seriously even though she writes about it in her new book and talks about whenever she can.  Perhaps when cars start falling off of bridges in large number, Congress will be able to reach enough of a “compromise” that they will decide to take care of their primary mission.  I wouldn’t think that “compromise” was needed to agree on keeping our infrastructure safe.

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