Politicians Delete Digital Praise of Bowe Bergdahl Release

In a reversal of principle, I have decided to comment on this topic.  Mashable has the article Politicians Delete Digital Praise of Bowe Bergdahl Release.

Tweet by Stephen Lynch

Tweet by Stephen Lynch

Now, aren’t you glad we didn’t elect Stephen Lynch as our Senator?  What kind of person, let alone Democrat, is this guy?

With people like this in our Congress, is it any wonder that the President decided to carry out this operation before telling Congress?  It wouldn’t have surprised me if some idiot Congressman would have gotten some people killed if the President had consulted with them first.  Even so, most of them probably would have been for the operation before they were against it.

This is not an endorsement of everything that Bergdahl has done in his life.

The Daily Kos has the article McCain, other Republicans called for Obama to get Bergdahl’s release, then condemned it.

We rescue our soldiers first and ask questions later. If action by justice system is needed, I prefer American justice over Taliban justice.@SenatorReid

I prefer Harry Reid’s way of looking at the situation.

McCain, ought to be careful with his remarks. Some really crass individual might start asking, “Would the world have been a better place if we had left Crash McCain in North Vietnam?”

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