The Daily Show: Exclusive Interview – The Crisis in Iraq

The Daily Show has an interview with former Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations Hamid Al-Bayati describes the political crisis emerging in Iraq.

The interview is in three parts which The Daily Show makes very difficult to find. I have finally found the three parts and embed them all below.

There are some interesting threads of discussion started in this interview. Unfortunately, Jon Stewart keeps interrupting the threads just as they get interesting. It would be nice to know if Hamid Al-Bayati has a coherent plan or even ideas to resolve this problem. He hinted at it, but as I have pointed out a number of times on this blog, it is much easier to analyze the causes of a problem than it is to suggest solutions. It is worthwhile to hear the analysis, but we should learn to overcome our disappointment at not hearing solutions. It will take some truly exceptional people to be able to figure out how to solve the problem. These people don’t pop up every day.

We need another Nelson Mandella to come along. Although we have to realize that it took over 30 years before Mandella was able to actually bring the problem in South Africa to a really new beginning.

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