Save Our Post Office

The idea of privatizing as many government services as possible has turned out to be a very bad idea with consequences unanticipated when most of us first heard the idea. Reversing this trend by starting at the Post Office, is a very good idea.

What we may not have realized is that after the unions were decimated by concerted actions of the oligarchs, government employment was one of the last things that kept up employment standards from a race to the bottom. Naturally, this last bastion would be a prime target of the oligarchs trying to gain complete control of the terms of employment for workers. Anybody who has been around for a number of years but has not had the good fortune to retire like I did in 2006, knows how much working conditions in this country have deteriorated.

It is time to put 2 and 2 together to see how this deterioration has come from a concerted attack by the forces who would gain advantages from the situation. Instead of some workers trying to reduce the benefits of other workers like their own benefits have been reduced, we should be striving to re-elevate all worker benefits.


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