Gubernatorial Candidate Donald M. Berwick would implement single-payer health care 2

The Berkshire Eagle has the story Gubernatorial Candidate Donald M. Berwick would implement single-payer health care

I think Don Berwick might have the management skills to make this work. If he had been in more control of the web site development, he might have managed it much better.

If he works to build a consensus around single-payer, it could be enacted without all the opposition that tried their best to ruin ACA (just so that they could prove to you that government doesn’t work). For all ACA’s faults, the privately run system wasn’t working any better.

As the son of a pharmacist who ran his business with many welfare customers, I know that if the single payer system is not adequately funded, it will be the small business people in the health care field that will bear the burden of slow payments and tons of paper-work. When I was around to watch my father’s business, this was before the days of the dominance of the huge private insurance companies trying to control their costs. I don’t know if working with them was any better than the days of working with the city run welfare system

We need to go into this with eyes wide open to make sure we do it right. We as citizens need to understand the pitfalls to make sure our legislators don’t cow-tow to the special interests making the system work well only for them.

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2 thoughts on “Gubernatorial Candidate Donald M. Berwick would implement single-payer health care

  • SteveG Post author


    You are absolutely right. Up until now, I have been hesitant to put much stock in his candidacy for exactly the worries you bring up.

    The best test of whether or not he has the political skills is whether or not he can get elected.

    So far he seems to have done as well as Martha Coakley in getting delegate votes at the Democratic convention. Would you have imagined that? I didn’t.

  • BillM

    Don strikes me as a competent manager who could construct and run a modern, effective health care system, But although he has superior management skills I don’t know if he has the superior political skills to pull it off. He has energized a portion of Democratic activist community. But I’m not sure he can sell his ideas to the public at large. In spite of that I find him to be a breath of fresh air.