Do Republican men ever have sex?

The Daily Kos has the article Do Republican men ever have sex?

There’s a predictable but bizarre reaction from Republicans with penises (and a few without) to the backlash against the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision: only sluts and whores use birth control. The obvious conclusion is that these guys aren’t getting much in the way of action if they don’t think women should get to have sex for fun. Or they’re only getting it when they pay for it.

They then go on to print quotes from Rush Limpbaugh and Sean Handnity.

The other possible conclusion is that many Republicans just don’t know that much about sex.  If they had any idea how their remarks about sex show how ignorant of the subject that they are, they would be embarrassed to make these remarks.  If they demonstrated this lack of knowledge in High School or even Junior High, they might have been laughed right out of the school by their peers.

In my case, I knew how ignorant I was back then, so I just kept my mouth shut on the topic.

I’ll have to add the following quote to my quotes page.

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”
― Mark Twain

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