Ilargi: Overshoot Loop and Evolution

Naked Capitalism has the article Ilargi: Overshoot Loop and Evolution. I’ll just quote Yves Smith’s summary:

Yves here. As Ilargi himself acknowledges, even by the standards of his fare, this post on “overshoot” is plenty sobering. We do seem to be on our way to precipitating a mass species die off (as in it’s underway already and humans seem remarkably unwilling to take sufficiently stern measures to stop it). The end of civilization as we know it seems almost inevitable, given that most “advanced” economies are seeing serious erosion of their social fabric, as reflected in falling social well-being measures. However, the provocative point that Jay Hanson argues is that our hard-wired political habits guarantee our undoing.

The main article introduces some very thought provoking ideas. The comments also go a long way toward preventing the original author from getting away with too much. You get the most out of this by considering both the article and the body of comments.

I particularly like the thought that the open source software development movement might be a template for how we conduct ourselves in the post industrial society. When we don’t have to work the majority of the time to survive, what will we do with our time?

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