How Population Growth, “Free Trade,” and Inequality Produced a Calamity on the Border

I was contemplating an alternative to beating and torturing unaccompanied immigrant children as a way to discourage such immigration.  I had the idea that if we could at least stop making their home countries impossible to live in with our forced trade agreements, that might go a long way.

Rather than write my own diatribe, I went looking for an article to make my point.

Counterpunch has the story How Population Growth, “Free Trade,” and Inequality Produced a Calamity on the Border.

Finally, President Obama, instead of seeking to spend $4 billion on additional border security measures, should figure out how that same money can be used to develop and bolster the economies where the migrant kids actually are born. In Central America, a few billion dollars is real money and wisely spend it could actually transform these nations in tangibly beneficial ways. Flourishing economies and reliable sources of employment would reduce local rates of crime and despair and keep families rooted and together. Rather than gawk and squawk over a border crisis, we should all be working to ensure that every child in the hemisphere has a place right at home.

Who could possibly have foreseen that enhancing US corporate profits in Latin America at the expense of the poor in those countries and in ours could possibly have any unintended consequences?  Well, of course, I suppose that it could be these consequences were not unintended.

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