Expansion of ‘secret’ facility in Iraq suggests closer U.S.-Kurd ties

The Miami Herald has the story Expansion of ‘secret’ facility in Iraq suggests closer U.S.-Kurd ties by Mitchell Prothero McClatchy Foreign Staff.

IRBIL, Iraq — A supposedly secret but locally well-known CIA station on the outskirts of Irbil’s airport is undergoing rapid expansion as the United States considers whether to engage in a war against Islamist militants who’ve seized control of half of Iraq in the past month
…said one Western logistics contractor who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he’d signed nondisclosure agreements with the U.S. government on the matter

The story is, no doubt, worthwhile to read.  I included the last part of the excerpt for the delicious irony.  At least they did not say that this contractor who violated the nondisclosure agreement that he signed with the US government is highly trustworthy.

If you think that the feelings of the majority of Americans will have anything to do with the decision on whether or not to get into the war in alliance with the Kurds, then you are a real optimist.

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