Israel, World Capital of Homeland Security Industries – Shir Hever on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)

The Real News Network has interview Israel, World Capital of Homeland Security Industries – Shir Hever on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4).

So, actually, Israel is now the world capital of homeland security industries. They’re selling security cameras, surveillance equipments, drones, riot gear. That is the sort of technology that governments need in order to control their citizens. And it comes not just with the actual technology; it comes also with an ideology. It comes with the ideology that, look what Israel is doing, how Israel is controlling Palestinians and every aspect of their lives, and decides who can pass and who gets a permit and so on, and uses this technology to leave Palestinians no option to resist, and why don’t we sell that to other governments around the world. For example, Brazil bought a lot of that technology in order to repress the favelas in preparation for the World Cup. We see that in India, not just in the area of Kashmir, but mainly there along the border with Pakistan, and in East Europe. And we also see that with extreme-right governments, like Berlusconi in Italy that was worried about asylum-seekers coming from Africa, and using Israeli drones and Israeli technology to try to block that, but also not just buying the technology, but also buying the legitimacy, saying Israel is a wonderful country. Berlusconi was a big pro-Israeli spokesman. And if Israel is allowed to do it, we can do it too.

How many times has it been said and how many times have you thought that the solution to our airport security problems would be to follow the Israeli example? Surely they know how to enforce security with all the practice they have had.

This interview gives you some insight into the danger of getting our “wish”. How well controlled do you want to be as a citizen in a democracy? At what point does being this controlled put an end to the idea of democracy? I am not suggesting that these are easy questions to answer.

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