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Ready For Warren at Net Roots Nation

I received this email. It’s a great sign of life to the start of this campaign.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Here we are: #runlizrun
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:58:31 +0000
From: Ready4Warren Team via Ready for Warren
Reply-To: <admin@ready4warren.com>

Corporate Action Network Email

Ready For Warren
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Thank you so much for signing on to support Warren for President! We’re so excited that you’ve joined our campaign.

We’re writing to you from Netroots Nation in Detroit, where Warren is due to speak in about an hour. The excitement here is seriously amazing. Here are a few ways you can help us keep building the momentum today:

1. A live feed of Warren’s speech is available at www.netrootsnation.org . You can tune in starting at 10am.

2. We’ll be posting a bunch on our Facebook page and Twitter account . For the rest of today we’re asking for your help in spreading the images and videos that we’ll be promoting.

3. Our hashtags are: #RunLizRun, #ReadyforWarren, and #NN14.

4. We’ll be releasing a video of our official song later today. Please give it love!

5. Help us spread the link to our website: ready4warren.com . This is where others can sign our petition. The faster this list grows, the more power we have as a community.

6. Many of you have been in touch with offers to help, suggestions and valuable contacts. THANK YOU. We’ve been inundated! It will take us just a little time to get back to everyone properly. Meanwhile, know this: we believe in an open model of organizing. We want to inspire others as we have been inspired. We want to support everyone doing the things they want to do for this great cause. And we hope to become a clearinghouse for all the great ideas and efforts that are springing up like flowers after the rain.

Thank you,

The Ready for Warren Team

PS: Feel free to pass this email along to lists you belong to, if appropriate.

Visit us on our website Ready4Warren.com on Facebook or Twitter @Warren4Prez