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Warren plans Israel trip after midterm elections

The Boston Globe has the article Warren plans Israel trip after midterm elections.

WASHINGTON – With Hillary Clinton seeming to express a more hawkish view of world affairs than President Obama and publicly questioning his decisions on Syria, liberals may be wondering what an Elizabeth Warren alternative would look like.
In general, Warren seems anti-interventionist and takes a skeptical eye to any US military action. In February, during her only speech on foreign policy in the year and a half since she took office, she warned of using military might without considering the implications.

Ever since my previous post Hillary Clinton: The Goldwater Girl Reveals Herself in an Atlantic Interview,  I have been thinking that I hope Elizabeth Warren will come up with a credible counter-strategy to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy statements.  I saw that as a necessity if she ever decides to run for President in 2016.  The Boston Globe has exactly figured out what I have been wondering.

The article reminds me of the few times that Warren has made foreign policy pronouncements other than to back whatever Obama has said.  It gives me hope that Warren can be a counter-weight to the Clintonistas in the Democratic Party.