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Video Shows Immediate Aftermath Of Michael Brown Shooting

Talking Points Memo published the article New Video Shows Immediate Aftermath Of Michael Brown Shooting on August 18.

Here is the video in question as shown by CNN.

At the time I saw this, I didn’t know that there was going to be a claim that the officer had been seriously injured in the alleged tussle with Michael Brown. I had to search Google to find this video that seemed to cast doubt on the story reported by Faux Noise.

Afghanistan orders expulsion of New York Times correspondent

The Boston Globe has the article Afghanistan orders expulsion of New York Times correspondent.

KABUL — The attorney general of Afghanistan on Wednesday ordered the expulsion of an American correspondent for The New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg, and banned him from re-entering the country.

Where do you suppose The Boston Globe got this article? “By Rod Nordland | New York Times   August 21, 2014”  This ought to be rich.

Nothing like running an unbiased news story about an expulsion of a reporter from the very organization that published the original story in question.  “The article was based on high-ranking Afghan government sources…”  It should have read “The article was allegedly based on …”

“Rosenberg declined to name them and noted that editors at the Times have internal  checks on the use of sources…”  Was it just the fact that the news didn’t fit that the story omitted any mention of the notorious cases where these checks failed.  As a matter of fact, the whole invasion of Iraq was fostered by such false stories in The New York Times.  To refresh your memory, The New York Times published stories about the Iraqi threat to the U.S.  from high ranking, anonymous sources in the US Government.  Dick Cheney used these reports to bolster his claims, but failed to mention that he was the source of the stories in the first place.

When I didn’t find my comics section in the paper today, I thought it was an omission.  I didn’t realize that the humor had been moved to the news pages.