Meteorologists Predict Record-Shattering Snowfall Coming Soon

The Empire News has the story Meteorologists Predict Record-Shattering Snowfall Coming Soon.

Chances are you will hear a lot about El Niño in the next month or two. Meteorologists and weather science experts at the National Weather Service (NWS) say that there is a 99% chance that the we will start to see a massive cold-front sooner in the year than has ever happened, which will produce not just record-breaking snowfall, but according to Dr. Boris Scvediok, a doctor of global weather sciences, record shattering snow storms across the board, affecting the entire United States.

I must admit that this story really had me worried about my plans for this winter, at least for as long as it took me to read the article. Of course, the first hint was right in the first paragraph.

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