This is Elizabeth Warren’s moment

CNN has this opinion piece This is Elizabeth Warren’s moment.

Warren has been a huge attraction on the campaign trail during the past few months, speaking about these very issues and promising to devote her time to this cause.

Ever since Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy died, Democrats have not been able to find a new liberal lion to champion the progressive economic traditions that been so integral to the party since the New Deal.

President Obama, who many Democrats thought would be that person, has failed to live up to expectations. He surrounded himself with economic advisors who were comfortable with the status quo and whose pragmatism pushed him away from the bolder policies that the Democratic base hoped for.

Now, with the disclosure of these tapes, Warren has a very real chance to prove to Democrats that she is the new voice.

This is what I have been saying.   Go Elizabeth!!

I found the link to this CNN article in the Ready for Warren Facebook post.

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