A Picture Worth 1000 Words: A Sighting from the McJobs Market

Naked Capitalism has the post A Picture Worth 1000 Words: A Sighting from the McJobs Market.

…employers are following the lead of Obama, who last year touted Amazon warehouse jobs that paid below living wage levels as “middle class jobs.” With the President subtly jawboning wage expectations down, why shouldn’t employers see how far they can get with bottom fishing?

….The message from Obama is clear: Americans are now expected to celebrate when companies are willing to pay at or not much above a living wage [for a single person]. As long as you pay enough that the workers don’t wind up having to seek public assistance in the form of food stamps or emergency rooms for medical care, you’ll now be promoted as creating better conditions for Americans. That’s true as long as you remember that the Americans that benefit from this grinding down of ordinary citizens are Obama’s backers and other members of the elite.

So the questions I ask again,

Should we be looking for someone to run for the nomination for President in 2016 from the Democratic party who is  further  to the political right than President Obama?  Are we looking for a next President who will coddle the very oligarchs who want to grind us into the ground?

If you don’t think our next President should be the one I described above, what are you doing to make sure an unreformed Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination?  Do you think you should even bother to tell Hillary that the direction she is going in is not the one we need to be following?

Do you think there will be much middle class left if you wait until 2024 to fight for the type of President that we desperately need?

I’d truly like to get a sense of what progressive people are thinking if they favor Hillary Clinton over Elizabeth Warren.

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