Elizabeth Warren Interview with Salon Magazine

Salon Magazine has the interview they headline as EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Warren on Barack Obama: “They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. And it happened over and over and over”

Nancy Weinberg posted a link to this article on her Facebook page. One comment on her post was as follows:

Heidi Fox I don’t want her to run for president. We need her in the Senate!

This is the kind of response that drives me up a tree. Here is my response in turn.

Steve Greenberg

According to Elizabeth Warren:
> “We have the opportunity. The moment is upon us.”
> We push back hard enough, we’re pushing for
> America’s agenda. Not an agenda to help a small
> group of people, an agenda to build a future for this
> country. And I believe we win. I believe it.

I sure would like to believe this, but at the moment I am still an agnostic. I am still fighting though.

However, I feel that people who do not want her to challenge Hillary Clinton for the nomination are giving Hillary a free pass to triangulate with the Republicans.

If you just give the nomination away to the Wall Street choice for President, what do you think you will gain from that? Is the fight just over? Or do you think we can start to fight some other time? How bad does it have to get, before you decide it is time to fight?

Do you think we should put any pressure on the Democratic Party to nominate for President someone on the people’s side instead of Wall Street’s side? If you think we should, how exactly do you propose to put on that pressure?

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