Lawn Signs for Enhanced Bottle Bill 2

Click on the image below to find out where you can get lawn signs in support of Question 2. For the Worcester area the location is Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center & Wildlife Sanctuary, 414 Massasoit Road, 
Worcester, MA 01604, Tues-Sat 9 am-4 pm; 
Closed Sun & Mon, (508) 753-6087

Bottle Deposits information

Many people who drive by my house throw bottles from their car windows. The ones with deposits on them get picked up by people who can get a little money from the deposits. The ones without deposits get left in my yard.

Former Massachusetts Chief Park Ranger Curt Rudge explains why it’s so important to vote Yes on Question 2 on Nov. 4 to stop bottle litter in Massachusetts and expand the Bottle Bill. Big beverage companies are spending over $5 million to say things are fine the way they are–but Ranger Curt has seen bottles without a deposit on them from sports drinks, iced tea, and water are piling up as litter in our beautiful state. He’s seen the damage this litter does to our parks. That’s why we need to vote Yes on Question 2 on November 4.


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2 thoughts on “Lawn Signs for Enhanced Bottle Bill

  • SteveG Post author


    I agree. This puny blog is one of the ways I try to fight back.

    (And the one that ought to be defeated probably won’t be.)

  • BillM

    I would like to see the expansion of the bottle bill. However, because of the $ corporate America has infused into the political system I fear that 3 out of four of the referendum questions could end up defeated.