6 reasons Elizabeth Warren should run for president

Vox has the article 6 reasons Elizabeth Warren should run for president.

4) What else is she going to be doing between 2015 and 2016?

If Warren were, say, the chair of the Senate Banking Committee, and if Democrats controlled the House and the Senate and the presidency, then there would be a good argument that Warren could do more as a legislator than as a candidate. But Warren is, in real life, the second-most junior senator on the Banking Committee. And she’s likely to be serving in a Senate controlled by Republicans, at a time when the White House is controlled by a Democrat, and absolutely nothing is getting done.

So it’s not just that running for president could do an enormous amount to push Warren’s issues forward. It’s that hanging around the Senate isn’t going to do anything for Warren’s issues at all. It’s hard to imagine two better years to spend away from the Senate than 2015 and 2016.

This would be the most delicious irony of all time.  Elizabeth Warren is a Senator because the Republicans wouldn’t let her be the head of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.  If the Republicans do manage to take over the Senate, wouldn’t it be great if this were the very factor that made Elizabeth Warren our next president?

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