Charlie Baker’s Big Lie Is Working

The Boston Globe has the article Charlie Baker jumps 9 points in new Globe poll.

Baker’s standing has improved from last week’s poll, which showed the two candidates dead even. It can be attributed largely to the gains he has made in voters’ perceptions of who would improve the economy and manage state government, areas that already were tilting his way.

It only takes about 2.5 seconds for the big lie to be said. Here is the antidote to the big lie. Martha Coakley has a better jobs plan than Charlie Baker has, yet he wants to claim that she has no plan.

My October 19, 2014 post A Vision for Massachusetts shows a comparison table between Coakley and Baker that tells exactly why Coakley will be better for the state than Baker will be. Coakley has the first part of the item below, Baker is hoping for the second part. He will actively seek to give away our precious tax revenue to the wealthy, oligarchic corporations in a continuation of the Republican class warfare.

Has an economic development plan that focuses on building from the ground up, not hoping that tax breaks for businesses will trickle down.

The reason the state can’t seem to afford to do many of the positive things it needs to do is exactly the fact that we give away the tax revenues it collects as incentives to bring in corporations. Instead we need a governor who recognizes that we have many resources in our state that corporations are eager to get. We need to invest in enhancing these resources, not give away tax money so we cannot afford to have these resources. I think this principle of the Martha Coakley administration will be the key factor in stopping the race to the bottom that Charlie Baker seems to want to win.

Martha Coakley’s web site has the page on Jobs and the Economy.

Here is the suggestion I just emailed to the Martha Coakley campaign

I hope you are planning to run an ad that says,

“Martha Coakley wants to enhance what’s great about Massachusetts that makes corporations want to get in on the action.

“Charlie Baker wants to give away our tax revenues to these corporations so that we cannot afford to invest in what makes this state so attractive in the first place.

“He will end up driving away the very corporations we seek to attract and impoverish us at the same time.”


Use this email address,, to reinforce my message.

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