Bernie Sanders Takes A Big Step Towards Challenging Clinton for 2016 Democratic Nomination

Politicus USA has the article Bernie Sanders Takes A Big Step Towards Challenging Clinton for 2016 Democratic Nomination.  They cite a number of quotes from The Washington Post article Tad Devine signs on to work with Bernie Sanders on potential 2016 run.  First the good news.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has spent months fishing for a strategist to guide his potential 2016 presidential campaign. On Monday, he hooked a big one: Tad Devine, one of the Democratic Party’s leading consultants…

They also quote a description on what are the issues for Sanders.

Over breakfast on Saturday in Los Angeles, Sanders said that he would center a possible campaign on the “collapse of the middle class” and “income and wealth inequality,” which he calls a “huge issue from a moral sense and a political sense.”

Of course, I would think these are important issues.  Whether or not they are winning issues for any near term political campaign or candidate is even less important than getting the public to focus on these issues.  Well, the voters are already focused on these issues, but they need some indication that someone has some ideas on what to do about it.

Well, I couldn’t make any blog post without criticizing something, so here is the end of the first quote above.

… and a former high-level campaign aide to Al Gore, John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis.

if the campaign aide positions were on all of their Presidential campaigns, this does not bode well.  Perhaps he worked on the successful Senatorial and Gubernatorial campaigns for these politicians.

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