CEO Compensation: “Cheaters Prosper”

New Economic Perspectives has the article CEO Compensation: “Cheaters Prosper”.

While the scandal of not prosecuting any of the senior officers who were enriched by leading the three epidemics of accounting control fraud that drove the financial crisis for those frauds is well known, the public does not understand that the fraudulent senior bankers have also been able to keep virtually all of the fraud proceeds they received through leading the accounting control frauds.

This excerpt may help to justify my constant harping on the Obama administration’s failure to criminally prosecute cases of accounting control fraud.  Eric Holder’s chosen head of the effort to prosecute criminal conduct in the financial meltdown pretty clearly stated that he had no clue as to what accounting control fraud was.  How can you be in charge of law enforcement in an area that is rife with a crime you gladly profess you don’t even know exists or what it is?

The above excerpt barely scratches the surface of what you would learn if you actually read the article at the above link.  It is so frustrating for me to know what is in these articles, and to also know that even the people reading my blog are mostly unaware of the content of these articles.  Short of plagiarizing these articles, or copyright infringement by publishing them on this blog, I don’t know what else I could do.  Any suggestions?

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