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Elizabeth Warren Draws Praise, Ire In 1st 2 years In Senate

Boston CBS local is carrying the story Elizabeth Warren Draws Praise, Ire In 1st 2 years In Senate from The Associated Press.

She also faulted Obama for nominating Antonio Weiss, the head of investment banking for a financial advisory and asset management firm, for a position at the Treasury Department. Warren said Weiss isn’t qualified to oversee consumer protection and domestic regulatory functions at the Treasury.

Her opposition to Weiss has drawn criticism.

“Ms. Warren’s other main objection is simply that Mr. Weiss has worked on Wall Street, which she seems to believe disqualifies him based on symbolism alone,” wrote Andrew Ross Sorkin, a New York Times columnist and author of “Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System — and Themselves.”

I was particularly pleased that the best opposition case that her critics could come up with was the above misstatement of what her complaint was.  Weiss’s lack of experience in the area to which the President wishes to appoint him, and the fact that there are much  better candidates with far superior qualifications is actually the basis for her objection.  It is exactly the fact that the Wall Street apologists and even some of its critics just do not seem to understand the problem that makes Elizabeth Warren such a standout crusader for the middle-class.

Deval Patrick reveals ‘huge mistake’ Democrats made in 2014

MSNBC has the story Deval Patrick reveals ‘huge mistake’ Democrats made in 2014.

“One problem the president has is he doesn’t tell the story well or regularly,” he told host Chuck Todd. Obama needs to tout his accomplishments more often, Patrick said, citing the “importance of repetition.”

I would never inflict any show on you that was hosted by Chuck Todd, so I will not include any video from whatever show it was.

As for what Deval Patrick was reported to have said, that has been my complaint about Obama for 6 years now.  One more thing though, there is a story to be told well and regularly, but there is also part of the story that can’t be told well because the story is not good.  Obama muffed his chance when his administration did not go after criminal complaints against the criminal bank executives.  That was completely his administration’s call.  Congress could not have blocked him.

He is also too strong a believer in right wing  economics, and his actions have clearly  demonstrated that.

His pushing of anti-middle-class trade deals is also a hard story to tell well.  It is not just that he is acquiescing to someone else’s activity.  It is his administration that is negotiating this in secret, and he is in the forefront of pushing for the TPP in word and deed.

By the way, Governor Patrick, you are not so good a follower of your own advice.  The Governor does not make a lot of well publicized appearances to tell his story frequently.  When I have hard him speak, he does tell the story well, though.

Yes, the key is to tell the story well and frequently even after you are elected, but first you’d better have a good story worth telling. For instance, I think Elizabeth Warren is making the record for a good story to tell, and her public appearances inside and outside of the Senate are telling that story well.

Elizabeth Warren’s Next Target: Walmart

Mother Jones has the article Elizabeth Warren’s Next Target: Walmart.

Warren and her colleagues also plan to discuss legislation that could help Walmart employees and other low-wage workers around the country, including measures that would raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, forbid unpredictable irregular work schedules for part-time workers, and help prevent employers from retaliating against workers who share wage information.

It is so great to see that Elizabeth Warren’s ideas for improving the plight of the middle-class extends far beyond just the banks and the crimes their executives have committed.

Thanks to Amherst For Elizabeth for posting this on their Facebook page.