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The Fiscal Times has the article Why Elizabeth Warren Trumps Obama’s Economic Message. You all scoffed when I wrote all this on my blog over the past few months.  Will you continue to scoff?  I know the issue you have.  I have seen it over and over again in my career and not only for me.  People never believe the experts they know personally.  They can’t believe they actually know anybody personally who has a handle on what is going on or what to do.  So, in industry, you just hire a  consultant to tell your company the same thing  you have been telling them for years.  If the company pays the consultant enough money, then, and only then, does the message get through.

Well here are a few tiny snippets from the consultant that I “hired” to speak to you on this blog.  For the full message, you’ll have to read the full consultant’s report by clicking on the link above.

Things could be different next time depending on the presidential matchup. Yet even a candidate as formidable as former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton may have trouble breaking through the lethargy or indifference of disgruntled middle class Democrats who have lived with wage stagnation for years.
“This analysis suggests that a good message to the middle class could potentially yield you a lot of votes,” he added.

This is why I have been such a strong supporter of Elizabeth Warren and other politicians who deliver the same message with the same urgency.  This is also why I have been saying that Hillary Clinton would be a disastrous candidate.  What would be even worse would be if Hillary Clinton actually got elected to be President.

Personally financially, I would probably do OK if Hillary Clinton got elected.  The 90% of the population that has less financial wherewithal than I have would continue to get hammered.  If Elizabeth Warren or someone like her got elected, I might not do as well financially, but I would be able to sleep better at night by not having to worry about whether I will do well, or whether the stock market and the economy will crash instead.  I would be more than happy to trade a little chance for huge profits for the assurance that I won’t have to be eating dog food to make ends meet in  my retirement.

And then there is the other worry I have.  When the bottom 90% finally wake up to what has been done to them, and when they have so little left to lose that they decide to rebel, I will be lumped in with the crowd that they will come after with pitch forks.  I can see myself as they lead me to the guillotine, “But just read my blog.  You’ll see I have always been on your side and fighting for your welfare.”

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One thought on “Why Elizabeth Warren Trumps Obama’s Economic Message

  • Marden Seavey

    Well said, Steve. I agree. And yes, remind them to just read your blog. Then later they might say, “Gee maybe we shouldn’t have taken him to the guillotine after all. Well, too late now I guess. Too bad.”