Elizabeth Warren: It’s time to work on America’s agenda

The Washington Post has the story Elizabeth Warren: It’s time to work on America’s agenda.

But the lobbyists’ agenda is not America’s agenda. Americans are deeply suspicious of trade deals negotiated in secret, with chief executives invited into the room while the workers whose jobs are on the line are locked outside. They have been burned enough times on tax deals that carefully protect the tender fannies of billionaires and big oil and other big political donors, while working families just get hammered. They are appalled by Wall Street banks that got taxpayer bailouts and now whine that the laws are too tough, even as they rake in billions in profits. If cutting deals means helping big corporations, Wall Street banks and the already-powerful, that isn’t a victory for the American people — it’s just another round of the same old rigged game.

Thanks for Ready For Warren for posting this on their Facebook page. They chose to emphasize a different excerpt from what I chose.

Excerpt from article

Chris Van Hollen, with his puny shift of $1.2 trillion over ten years from the ultra wealthy to the middle-class (and not so much to the poor), is not the big thinker that this newspaper says he is. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the big thinkers. And Bernie Sanders is even ahead of Elizabeth Warren in the thought size department. Did you see who he appointed as Chief Economist for the Minority on the Senate Budget Committee? Her name is Stephanie Kelton, and she is a big thinker. Having the smarts to appoint her as chief economist shows what a big thinker Bernie Sanders is. Appointing her also shows how courageous he is.

See my previous post Democrats, in a stark shift in messaging, to make big tax-break pitch for middle class to understand why I compare her to Chris Van Hollen.

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