A signal of distaste for dynasties bodes ill for Bush, Clinton

The Washington Post has the story A signal of distaste for dynasties bodes ill for Bush, Clinton.  The story concerned a focus group session in Colorado.

The two-hour session, moderated by Democratic pollster Peter Hart for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, turned upside down much of the conversation about the coming presidential campaign, where Bush and Clinton occupy so much space.
“Elizabeth Warren, from every part on the compass, had a level of support,” he said. “She’s not invisible. She’s not unknown. She’s not undefined.” And, he added, she has reached them on the issue that so many spoke about, which was their own economic concerns.

“You couldn’t leave this without feeling how hard-pressed these people are and how they’re looking for someone who will be a voice for their cause,” he said. “And Elizabeth Warren has broken through.”

That, he added, was wholly unexpected when the focus group was organized.

It was interesting to read how some of the people came to their understanding of what was going on in the country with regular people.

According to the group Ready for Warren,

Sharing news like this is one of the best and easiest ways to show Senator Warren and the world just how much momentum there is behind the draft Warren movement.

So, I am sharing this with you.  If you want Elizabeth Warren to run for President nearly as much as I do, please share the story with your friends, too.

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