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YouTube has a snippet from MSNBC respectfully titled Bernie Responds to the State of the Union. There is a post on The Friends Of Bernie Sanders Facebook page where you can join the conversation about this video.

In Sander’s answer about TPP, he failed to mention that if Obama would respond to Sanders’ request and let Sanders have a peek at what was in the TPP, then at least he could make judgments about the TPP from more than just leaks about what is in it. Middle-class friendly Obama will let the titans of industry write the treaty, but he won’t let members of Congress see it. Makes me pretty sure Obama is hiding something that he knows the Progressives and the American public cannot accept.

The treaty is so bad that Obama has to twist the arms of our trading partners to the point of breaking, and they still don’t want it. I guess this is called diplomacy in Obama’s eyes. (Why do they hate us so?)

Morning Joe really only wants answers to question framed in a way that makes Republicans look good and Progressives look bad. Even though Sanders was too polite, he did manage to turn those questions upside-down.

Why were they interested in who might run for President on the Republican side, but seemingly uninterested on who would run on the Democratic side?

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One thought on “Bernie Sanders Responds to the State of the Union

  • Marden Seavey

    Boy, was he good! Answered every question and shoved it right back to them. Excellent. I liked his response to the trade agreements. Bernie for president! Fat chance unfortunately.