Senator Elizabeth Warren Introduces Medical Innovation Act

Senator Elizabeth Warren has made a post on her Facebook page where you can read the comments, add your own comment, and vote in favor of her idea. She has the following video in her post.

Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced the Medical Innovation Act on the Senate floor on January 29, 2015. The legislation would require large pharmaceutical companies that break the law and settle with the federal government to reinvest a small percentage of their profits into the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To be against this bill you have to be for illegal behavior on the part of drug companies. How many Senators want to come out publicly for more waste, fraud, and abuse?

Even if these bills of Warren’s haven’t got much chance in the Republican Congress, it is about time we learned how to frame issues so that the Republicans are at least embarrassed when they refuse to act on them. Even better, Facebook gives you a way to register your approval of the proposal. If you can’t even bother to vote on Facebook, let alone at election time, when are you ever going to face your civic responsibilities?

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