Obama Tells House Dems to “Get Informed” on the TPP, But He’s the One Restricting Access to the Text

The Daily Kos has the article Obama Tells House Dems to “Get Informed” on the TPP, But He’s the One Restricting Access to the TextThe Daily Kos is commenting on  The Hill article Obama to Dems: ‘Get informed, not by reading the Huffington Post’.

PHILADELPHIA – President Obama on Thursday asked wary House Democrats to hold their fire, while the administration negotiates several trade deals opposed by scores of liberal lawmakers.

“Keep your powder a little dry,” he told the Democrats assembled here for an annual retreat, according to a source in the closed-door session.
Top House Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), have drawn an additional line in the sand, saying they won’t support any new trade deal before the administration can demonstrate that the result will be higher wages for American workers.

“The impact on the paychecks of America’s workers is the standard that we will use,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday.

Fielding private questions from the Democrats after a fiery speech before the caucus Thursday, Obama tried to defuse those concerns, saying his administration will make a “substantive case” for the new pacts.

Congress Needs to get Obama to listen. They just need to tell Obama that they can’t both be right about TPP, and Congress is pretty darn sure that Obama is the one that is wrong.

If corporations are allowed to write the trade pact and Congress isn’t allowed to know what is in it even for years after it is passed, then it is entirely obvious that the President has something to hide.

Maybe the Democrats need to tell Obama that if he refuses to listen, then they will join the Republicans in the efforts to impeach him.  If this does not get his attention, then he does need to be impeached and convicted and run out of office.

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