Tell Netanyahu He Has Done Enough Damage Already 1

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has posted on his Twitter page the following tweet:

I’m determined to speak before Congress to stop Iran. RETWEET if I have your support.

You can use the above link to respond to his tweet.

I have told Netanyahu that I am standing with the Jewish Senator from Vermont to advocate boycotting his speech. The President of The United States conducts our foreign policy. Congress’s attempts to undercut him, and to invite you to speak publicly to a joint session of our Congress comes dangerously close to treason for Speaker Boner. If you don’t come in some sort of uniform, you might be considered a spy. If your Ambassador did not have diplomatic immunity, he might be considered the same. We cannot prosecute your Ambassador, but we can insist that he leave our country. Conspiring against our President is not what we tolerate from foreign diplomats assigned to our country.

I fit all of the above in 140 characters 🙂

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