Cancelled My Subscription to The Boston Globe

Recently I have published several items about The Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe Covers Up for Wall Street, Ignores Swaps Losses in Coverage of MBTA Turmoil

Boston Globe Ignores Its Own Culpability In Misleading About the MBTA

The Boston Globe Ignores The Rhinoceros

On Friday, Scott Lehigh wrote the opinion piece State should seize control of the T.

In Sunday’s Globe, Yvonne Abraham wrote the column, Transit rage can’t melt.

It was at that moment, I decided that I had to cancel my subscription to The Boston Globe.

Today, Monday, I called and cancelled my subscription.

When The Boston Globe gets on one of these campaigns to flog a bad idea, they just do not give up.  Every columnist that is available seems to get recruited.  I do not need the print or digital version of Faux Noise to try to cloud my thinking about the news of the day.

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