Tricks to see oil level on dipstick after fresh change?

A Camaro web site had the article Tricks to see oil level on dipstick after fresh change?

PERFECT solution, and so simple!

Got out the powder, pulled out the dipstick and wiped it off lightly. Powdered both sides and tapped it on the edge of a trash can to get off the excess (just left the finest film on it). I wiped the powder off from the middle of the hashed section down to the tip, and from 1/2″ above the full mark up. This left about 1″ of dipstick with the film on it. Slid it in, paused, pulled it out….Boom! The part to the top of the fill line was “gone” and the part over that was there, clear as can be. Level was just right (whew!). What a great solution. When you see how much powder is actually left on the dipstick after you tap it and wipe the top and bottom, you will laugh. It is such a tiny amount that there is no way it would be possible to hurt anything. I’ll do this again any time I have a question in the future. I love the forums!

I looked this up because I had just experienced the problem.  I have had difficulty seeing oil on a dipstick before, but this time was really bad.  I did just have the oil changed, but I wanted to check anyway.  I could not see any oil on the dipstick.  Tried four or five times, but couldn’t see anything.  I thought, “Well, I could just ignore the evidence, after all, I just got it changed.”  Then I thought, “Well ignoring what I plainly don’t see would be rather foolish”.  So I poured a quart of oil in, and checked it  again.  I still couldn’t see anything, but I thought that was the last bottle of oil I had in my trunk, so I might as well take a chance.

I got back home so I could search the web to see what other people have done to solve the problem.  A little Gold Bond powder later, I found that I hadn’t needed that extra quart of oil.  So I guess, I’ll just let the engine blow it through my rings and gaskets until the excess oil is gone 🙁

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