What we should be debating over the next year

Robert Reich has posted this on Facebook

I commented:

Are you starting to finally realize that Hillary Clinton, your friend, is not the right Democratic candidate? Never mind, Elizabeth Warren, how about Bernie Sanders? And will you please stop talking about the silly idea that raising taxes on the 1% is for the purpose of paying for some government programs? Raising the taxes on the ultra-rich is for the purpose of removing from their control the resources they are using to create the next financial bubble.

Just think, if people like Robert Reich started to talk about the real reason to raise taxes on the ultra-wealthy, it would legitimize such talk for people like Bernie Sanders. Having hired Stephanie Kelton as his chief economic adviser, I am sure that Bernie Sanders wants to talk about the idea, but he probably thinks Americans are not ready, yet.

It doesn’t seem like my comment will see the light of day anywhere else but here.

Well, I have to take that back. My comment did make it onto Facebook.

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