Alexis Tsipras risks fresh schism with Europe after warning of new Cold War with Putin 1

The UK Telegraph has the story Alexis Tsipras risks fresh schism with Europe after warning of new Cold War with Putin.

Mr Tsipras also risked opening up a new schism with the European Union, repeating his claim that economic warfare would not resolve Europe’s simmering security problems with its eastern giant, and could presage a new “Cold War in Europe”.

Ahead of the visit, EU officials warned Greece of undermining the continent’s unity over economic sanctions imposed on Moscow in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

The Kremlin has been courting Greek political support against its Western-backed sanctions, threatening a fresh rupture between the debtor state and the EU.
“If one of the Europe’s leaders acts according to his national interests then it is perceived as a violation of the principle of solidarity – as if the principle of solidarity, as it might seem, was invented only in order to support the Russophobic minority in the European Union,” said Mr Lavrov.

Russian companies would also look to take part in the tenders for planned privatisations of Greece’s strategic assets – including its ports, airports and energy grids. The likes of state-backed Gazprom have already been invited to take part in the exploration of oil and natural gas off Greece’s eastern shore.

I tried to string enough excerpts together to justify my opinion.  I am not sure it completely conveys how I got to the conclusion that I did.

The western oligarchs are trying to rape Greece, but they want Greece to maintain its solidarity with them.  They want to drive Greece into a privatization of its assets at fire-sale prices to the western oligarchs, but Greece may sell them to the Russian oligarchs.

The western oligarchs want to maintain sanctions on Russia so that they can force the Ukraine to take the same deal and eventual rape that they are offering Greece.  Greece may have found an alternative path that frustrates both aims of the western oligarchs.

As they say in this country, “Payback is a bitch.”  Maybe I should have said itch in my comment on the Telegraph web site.

With the notorious nudes they have on page three of some of their newspapers, I didn’t think they would be so sensitive.  Must just be a cultural misunderstanding.

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