Fifty Years of Cold War is Enough

Bernie Sanders posted the image below on his Facebook page.

Fifty Years of Cold War is Enough

I then shared it on my Facebook page.

To me, it sounds like Bernie Sanders has positions that I can support on a wide range of issues. I am not sure Elizabeth Warren has arrived at this level of broad understanding that Sanders has. For instance, I think she is very naive about the role that sanctions played in getting negotiations going with the Iranians. She doesn’t seem to have seen the evidence that the Iranians offered a much better deal to the US when President Bush was in office, but he rejected it in favor of sanctions. Maybe the lack of effectiveness of the sanctions is what finally convinced us to start talking to the Iranians, In that case, Warren has got the story quite backwards. I am hoping that she will come around after I sent her the explanation and a link to the backup data. However, Bernie Sanders is already at that kind of sophistication.

Because of Roger’s comment below that seems to disbelieve my claim to have backup data, I’ll put the link to some of that right here

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