Misremembering Our History With Iran

As I have, said in my previous post Senator Elizabeth Warren Interview, Elizabeth Warren is under the misapprehension that sanctions were effective in getting Iran to negotiate with us on their nuclear program. Misapprehensions are fine if they don’t leave you with the wrong lesson that you wrongly apply in some future situation. This is why I harp on them.

Perhaps Warren thinks that Obama made a fair offer to Iran earlier in his Presidency, they rejected it, and we had to go to sanctions.

Well, in November 2013, I wrote a blog post about How France Sank the Iran-Nuke Deal. I quoted an article from Consortium News.

Now the Obama administration will face a decision whether to press Iran to go along with those changes or to go back to the original compromise when political directors of the six powers and Iran reconvene Nov. 20. That choice will provide the key indicator of how strongly committed Obama is to reaching an agreement with Iran.

At the time, I commented about the article,

The United States has a long history of making offers to Iran such that the public face of the offer seems eminently reasonable, but hidden actions by the U.S. are slaps in the face of Iran.  I wonder why the U.S. press does not educate the U.S. public about this history.

Well, nobody has mended their ways since I wrote that.  I knew it was too much to expect.  There seems to be something hidden from us that is riding on the need for this deception.  Too bad we will find out what it is only when we are deeper into the hole we are digging for ourselves.

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