How To Tell If Clinton Is Serious

As Hillary Clinton starts talking more and more progressive, we will be faced with the quandary of trying to figure out if she really means it, or is just saying it to get our vote.  One way to get a handle on this is to follow the money.

You can access all the candidates’ financial filings with the Federal Election Commission.  I just checked and there is no committee yet on file for Hillary Clinton’s current run for the President.  Since these reports are filed quarterly, we may not see anything until June.

I have experience analyzing this data from the 2008 campaign for President.  I think I will give it a try this year.  Recent Supreme Court rulings seem to make it easier to hide the data, so this analysis might not be as informative as it was in 2008.

You probably don’t even have to know much or any database query language to do the analysis.  However, if it is needed, I have enough experience to get along pretty well.  I also have enough disk space on my computers that this will never be a stumbling block for me.

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