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Thank Hillary Clinton 1

I just got an email from End Citizens United.

ThankHillary Clinton

This weekend, more than 5O,OOO people signed our petition urging Hillary Clinton to focus on ending Citizens United in her presidential campaign.

Today in Iowa, she made it official. Hillary announced her support for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United!

Sign your name to thank Hillary Clinton for fighting to end Citizens United:

“We need to fix our dysfunctional political system, and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment.” – Hillary today in Iowa

When she does something right, we should encourage her.

Sturbridge Town Election Results – 2015

I have just received an email from the town with the final results of the town election yesterday.

I have uploaded the PDF version of the results for you to read.

With only 5% of the electorate voting, and some positions having no official candidates, it is amazing what you can accomplish with a write-in campaign that was organized after the last moment.  After the last moment seemed to me to be  what it was, when I got word of it on Sunday afternoon before the Monday election.  Some of you reading this blog must have helped.

Well it was actually on Facebook, not here that I mentioned the election and the write-in.

How To Tell If Clinton Is Serious

As Hillary Clinton starts talking more and more progressive, we will be faced with the quandary of trying to figure out if she really means it, or is just saying it to get our vote.  One way to get a handle on this is to follow the money.

You can access all the candidates’ financial filings with the Federal Election Commission.  I just checked and there is no committee yet on file for Hillary Clinton’s current run for the President.  Since these reports are filed quarterly, we may not see anything until June.

I have experience analyzing this data from the 2008 campaign for President.  I think I will give it a try this year.  Recent Supreme Court rulings seem to make it easier to hide the data, so this analysis might not be as informative as it was in 2008.

You probably don’t even have to know much or any database query language to do the analysis.  However, if it is needed, I have enough experience to get along pretty well.  I also have enough disk space on my computers that this will never be a stumbling block for me.

Bernie Sanders For President Buttons

If you are feeling left out because you don’t have a button to counter your friends’ Hillary Clinton buttons, then here is a little something you can print out and paste on a  button.

This top image is actually large, but I had the browser scale it down to fit on the page.

Large Image of Bernie Sanders Button

This bottom button is shown actual size.

Bernie Sanders Button SmallFeel free to print out these images to apply to your own buttons.

Clinton calls out CEOs for making too much money

The Washington Post has the story Clinton calls out CEOs for making too much money.

For Clinton, executive compensation is a safe target. You can find plenty of economists with no interest in soaking the rich who agree that our system for negotiating CEO salaries is inefficient and wasteful. The question is to what degree talking about executive compensation will mollify Clinton’s critics on the left.

At least it is a start in the right direction. She still has a lot of catching up to do. Will we see her evolve to the positions that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have established over decades of their careers?  Or will we see a video of her telling the wealthy CEOs why they don’t really have to worry about her rhetoric?

But What About The Supreme Court?

When I discuss my dislike of the idea of Hillary Clinton as  our next President, some people who have my same distaste say to me something like, “If she is the Democratic candidate in the election, of course you will vote for her because of her power to appoint Supreme Court Justices.”

I keep forgetting the answer that Michael Kinnucan posted on Facebook. Since I live in Massachusetts, it is unlikely that if I don’t vote for Hillary Clinton that it will make much difference on the outcome of the election.  If she can’t win Massachusetts without my vote, then she and Martha Coakley ought to get together and commiserate.  (Democrat Martha Coakley actually got my vote both times she ran for statewide office and lost.  One of those times gave us Senator Scott Brown, and the other time gave us Governor Charlie Baker.)

So, as a Massachusetts resident, I am free to vote my conscience.  If I had to cast my vote tomorrow, my conscience tells me to vote for Bernie Sanders.