Sen. Sanders on The O’Reilly Factor

Politicus USA has the article Bernie Sanders Rolls While Demonstrating How To Knock Down Faux Noise. [I have corrected some spelling errors in their headline. I noticed the same spelling error in the video]

What really stuck out was Sanders’s ability to shift O’Reilly and the interview anywhere he wanted it to go. It is rare that a guest on O’Reilly show is more aggressive than the host, but the senator from Vermont was aggressive without being combative. The segment never turned into a scream fest. In fact, Sanders handled Bill O’Reilly fairly easily by keeping the tone civil and not falling for the loaded questions that the Fox News host was […] trying to lead him with.

This is the closest I have seen anyone come to taming Bill O’Reilly. There may be others, but I only watch the show through occasional clips like this one.

I have been waiting for decades to find a progressive person who can handle the media this well. Frequently, Mario Cuomo could do it. Of course Bill Clinton could do it, but he was hardly progressive.

If Sanders can do this well against that O’Reilly blowhard, it gives me hope that Sanders could actually run, win, and lead this nation into a new era.

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