500 Attend High-Profile MIT Divestment Debate

Fossil Free MIT has the article 04.09.15 – 500 Attend High-Profile MIT Divestment Debate.

In response to 3,000 nerds-turned-activists, MIT’s administration hosts an unprecedented public debate on whether MIT should divest from fossil fuels, just days before Harvard students and celebrities begin a week of civil disobedience to confront their administration’s stonewalling.

The article featured the video clip below.

If you follow the URL displayed at the end of the video, bit.ly/MITdebate, you end up at the webcast of Should MIT Divest? A Debate on Fossil Fuel Investment. From the links I have just given you, you will find a wide array of other links to follow.

Rather than my just complaining about the Koch takeover of MIT, I now realize that there may be active steps I can take to see if I can undo the damage.

Thanks to Mary Afable for cluing me in.

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