What’s In A Label?

It is about time to remind people of my previous post The S Word: A Short History Of An American Tradition … Socialism.

In a discussion on Nancy Weinberg’s Facebook post, Mary Ellen Palermo and I went round and round on rationalizations for having settled on Hillary Clinton as a preferred candidate. I think we finally got to the issue.

Democratic Socialist is what he calls himself. There is no party of this name that I am aware of in the United States. Even if there were some obscure party of that name, I don’t think you can connect Bernie Sanders to it. But we are making progress, since you now have identified what ticks you off about Sanders. Rather than cower from a label and try to pretend he goes by a label that fits your preconceived notions of what labels are acceptable, he is going to educate you on what his label means.

You can do some of that work yourself by reading “The S Word ” book. I am pretty sure you will be surprised to read some of the historical facts that have been purposely hidden from you.

This may be the first time you will be confronted by the power of the forces against which progressives have been fighting, even when they didn’t realize the exact nature of these forces.

The irony of the use of the word socialist, and the irony of so many Americans having been propagandized into thinking this is a dirty word is the large majorities of people who agree with the political positions that Bernie takes as a result of his being a socialist.

June 13, 2015

I got unlazy and did the research I should have. Here is the Democratic Socialists of America web site.

We are a political and activist organization, not a party;

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