Bernie Sanders Predicts Crash of 2008 in 1998

Here is a YouTube video Bernie Sanders Predicts Crash of 2008 in 1998.

Who was President back then? Did either the President or his wife, whoever, she might have been, pay any attention to Bernie Sanders back then? Who has been warning us about this issue for 15 years, and who has come upon this knowledge only recently? Who has friends, advisers, and contributors, who were responsible for letting this loose on the world, and who does not? Who has denounced the people who recommended these policies to every President since then, and who has not? Who is still using those same advisers, and who isn’t and never has used such advisers? Who has discovered the benefits of Modern Money Theory and chosen a proponent of that theory as a chief economist for the Senate Banking Committee for the minority of which he is the ranking member, and who has not? You can infer the answers from the way I asked the questions, you can Google the answers for yourself, or you can just ask me for the answers.

Oh, and who just extolled the presidential record of her husband without even giving a nod to this havoc that he unleashed? Havoc against which she wants us to believe she will fight tooth and nail if elected President.

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